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Great Service, Support, Prices ! THE place to rent a good server ! Created by some from ex "mysTix" well known DoD:S Team
Need volonteer to store the website and keep the good job !!!!
I cannot maintain the website anymore.. Thanks !!
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Je cherche un volontaire pour héberger le site et conserver le travail énorme fait par tous !
Je n'ai plus le temps de faire ça ! Merci !!!
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by ColetteMog
Thu Dec 24, 2015 3:38 am
Forum: Server management plugins
Topic: DoD Block Exploit Source (by Feuersturm)
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DoD Block Exploit Source by Feuersturm

Spearhead would be considered arcade compared go what were playin now. DoD:S is more so than spearhead. but, yes I play it from time to time and rather enjoy it. It would be better with a mod community though. Its maps are fun, but overall, far too small, IMO. Overall I like it, but dont play it oft...