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Great Service, Support, Prices ! THE place to rent a good server ! Created by some from ex "mysTix" well known DoD:S Team
Need volonteer to store the website and keep the good job !!!!
I cannot maintain the website anymore.. Thanks !!
Contact by Steam please !

Je cherche un volontaire pour héberger le site et conserver le travail énorme fait par tous !
Je n'ai plus le temps de faire ça ! Merci !!!
Contactez-moi par Steam !

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by 1400gsx
Fri Jan 29, 2016 8:17 pm
Forum: Server management plugins
Topic: DOD:S Class Manager
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Re: DOD:S Class Manager

Hi BEN, your plugin is good, it is possible to modify the plugin?
The video shows how you can choose the class mg and sniper.
How fix the problem?
by 1400gsx
Fri Jan 29, 2016 4:09 am
Forum: English
Topic: [REQ DOD:S] HP Regeneration manager.
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[REQ DOD:S] HP Regeneration manager.

Regenerates the player's HP , depending on the class of the player : Rifleman, Assault, Support, Sniper, Machine gunner, Rocket. http://cdn.wikimg.net/strategywiki/images/9/91/DoDSAClass_Rifleman.gif http://cdn.wikimg.net/strategywiki/images/5/5b/DoDSAClass_Assault.gif http://cdn.wikimg.net/strategy...
by 1400gsx
Fri Jan 29, 2016 3:23 am
Forum: English
Topic: Thank You
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Re: Thank You

Thanks to all the team dod:s plugins!
You're back!