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DOD:S DropManager (by root)

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DOD:S DropManager (by root)

Post by Ben » Tue Dec 01, 2015 9:12 pm

plugin description below is by root (author):

This plugin allows player to drop health kits, ammo boxes, explosives and some weapons using different ways!
As you already expected I just merged DoD DropHealthKit Source, DoD:S Drop TNT Source and DoD:S Ammo Manager plugins in a single one and added some features! :mrgreen:

Credits also goes to FeuerSturm and BenSib!

-Items (healthkits, ammoboxes and bombs) will not stuck you anymore (not while dropping nor while picking)!
-Unlike drophealthkit plugin, this one is having the 'selfheal' feature, healing sound and custom healthkit model.
-Unlike ammo manager plugin (and droptnt source), this one is having a pickup rule feature, which can be useful.
-This plugin is having a 'menu' mode. It means player can call menu by just pressing 'dropammo' key (default: h) and choose an item to drop.
-This plugin is having a 'cooldown' feature. This created against command spamming.
-This plugin is having an item avaliability checking. It mens you can disable item dropping while alive, but allow item to be dropped on death.
-This plugin allows players to drop pistols and frag grenades as well.

dod_dropmanager_healthkit = Whether or not allow health kits dropping. Default: Enabled
dod_dropmanager_ammobox = Whether or not allow ammo boxes dropping. Default: Enabled
dod_dropmanager_tnt = Whether or not allow explosives (TNT) dropping. Default: Enabled
dod_dropmanager_pistols = Whether or not allow pistols dropping. Default: Enabled
dod_dropmanager_grenades = Whether or not allow grenades dropping. Default: Enabled
dod_dropmanager_menumode = Whether or not enable 'menu mode'. It lets player select an items to drop using panel. Default: Disabled
dod_dropmanager_deaddrop = Determines an item to drop after death: 1 = Health kit, 2 = Ammo box, 3 = TNT, 4 = Pistol, 5 = Grenade, 6 = Random. Default: TNT
dod_dropmanager_alivecheck = Whether or not check item availability before player's death. This can be useful for "deaddop" features. Default: Enable check
dod_dropmanager_lifetime = Number of seconds a dropped items stays on the ground. 0 = Don't remove items until new round starts. Default: 45
dod_dropmanager_priority = Determines a queue priority for items dropping when menu mode is disabled. Default: 123 (Healthkit/AmmoBox/TNT)
dod_dropmanager_cooldown = Number of seconds to wait between dropping items. Default: 3

dod_drophealthkit_pickuprule = Determines who can pick up dropped health kits: 0 = Everyone, 1 = Only team mates, 2 = Only enemies. Default: 0
dod_drophealthkit_addhealth = Determines amount of health to add to a player who is picked up a health kit. Default: 50
dod_drophealthkit_selfheal = Determines amount of player's health needed to allow using own health kit for self healing. Default: 30
dod_drophealthkit_teamcolor = Whether or not colorize dropped health kit depends on client's team. Default: Dont colorize
dod_drophealthkit_newmodel = Whether or not use new model for health kits. Default: Don't use new model

Ammo box-related:
dod_dropammobox_pickuprule = Determines who can pick up dropped ammo boxes: 0 = Everyone, 1 = Only team mates, 2 = Only enemies. Default: 1
dod_dropammobox_clipsize = Determines number of clips a dropped ammo box contains. Default: 2
dod_dropammobox_realism = Whether or not enable "realism mode". It means player may share ammo of primary weapons until no ammo left. Default: Disabled
dod_dropammobox_voice = Whether or not use voice command when ammo box is dropped. Default: Enabled

dod_droptnt_pickuprule = Determines who can pick up dropped explosives: 0 = Everyone, 1 = Only team mates, 2 = Only enemies. Default: 1
dod_droptnt_maxdrops = Determines how many explosives player can drop per life. This is created against spamming around bomb dispencer. Default:2

-If you already use one of those plugins, I'd recommend you to use this one for obvious reasons. :)
-If player dropped an item on death, item will not be marked as own. So player will healing by old healthkit, receive ammo from old ammo box...
-If "deaddrop" is enabled, plugin will check item availability before death. It makes sure disabled or N/A Item will not be dropped.
-If alivecheck is disabled, ruleset above will be ignored at all. However, TNT boms will never be dropped on maps without bomb dispencers.
-If one feature is disabled, but random item should be dropped on death, rulesets above will work as intended.
-If player is not having primary weapon, player will not be able to pickup or dropped ammo boxes.
-If custom model cvar is set, make sure to have healthkit model on a normal and fastdownload servers.
-Pistols and grenades can be dropped using default "drop" command (if player is holding it).
-Players will be notified about how many health they received on healthkit pickup in a center of the screen.
-Players may equip any grenades without limits and restrictions.
-All players around an item will be also hear pick up sound. Be careful around items!

Code: Select all

-Initial release

-Added new ConVars:
dod_droptnt_maxdrops (see convars description)
-Added translations support (special thanks to Sargath and Darkranger for french and german translations!)
-Finally fixed annoying thing when players could stuck in items. Now players will not 'feel' item nor while dropping, nor while picking
-Removed useless parts of the code > optimizations
-Other minor changes

-Added ability to self healing using own healthkit
-Removed 'bonus' version. Added new healthkit model, which can be enabled or disabled via config

Ammo box:
-Fixed an issue when players with MG could not drop ammopack if clipsize was too big and realism mode is disabled
-Improved performance for ammobox features

-Added pickup rule feature as in healthkit or ammobox
-Added dropping limit per life

-Added 'full health' phrase
-Removed unused parts of code
-Used new style for ConVar handling (which is used in DM)
-Improved touch hook
-Optimized code
-Changed ConVar descriptions
-Changed some cvar values for banalce
-Updated translations

-Added pistols and grenades dropping (when player is alive or dead!)
-Added new ConVar: dod_dropmanager_priority, which is sets item priority when menu mode is disabled
-Added availability to set custom healthkit model 'on-the-fly'
-Improved menu mode
-Greatly improved touch hooks
-Increased limits for items lifetime, also added 'infinite' time for items
-Fixed possibly server crashes
-Fixed a few bugs and issues, especially with explosives and ammopacks
-Removed entity limit checking
-Fixed incorrect cooldown feature
-Made plugin way faster and safer (for ~2x times!)
-Updated translations
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Re: DOD:S DropManager (by root)

Post by donkey » Wed Mar 07, 2018 12:29 pm

Hallo ich habe ein paar Fragen zu diesem Plugin,

Ich habe es auf meinen Testserver geladen und komme mit den Einstellungen nicht zurecht.
Mein Plan ist es das man AmmoBox, Granaten und Healthkits nach dem Tod fallen zu lassen und für jeden Spielen es möglich machen diese aufzunehmen. Die spieler sollen keine Pistols und TNT fallen lassen.
In welcher .cfg kann ich die Einstellung vornehmen und aktivieren, auch das Drop Menü möchte ich nicht haben, wie geasgt nur wenn ein Spieler tot ist.

Danke vorab.
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and our website:
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