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DOD:S Firework

Posted: Wed Feb 28, 2018 1:04 pm
by donkey
Hi Guys,

Here you can find a firework plugin for Day of Defeat Source. It has been created by Silent_Water.

Just put the .smx file to your plugins folder and the .sp file to your scripting folder.
If you restart the Server this plugin will go alive and it create dod_fireworks.cfg into your cfg/sourcemod/ path.

  • sm_dod_fireworks
    Just shows the version information
  • sm_fireworks_timeout
    Fireworks max running seconds before it stops, default: 60
  • sm_fireworks_sound
    Enable / disable Fireworks sounds (1/0), default: 1
  • sm_fireworks_roundend
    Enable / disable Fireworks at round end (1/0), default: 1
Commands (Admin only)
  • sm_fireworks_start
    Fires fireworks into the sky
  • sm_fireworks_stop
    Cancel the fireworks
Have fun with it :)