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DOD:S Stats (by root)

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DOD:S Stats (by root)

Post by Ben » Tue Dec 01, 2015 9:10 pm

plugin description below is by root (author):

Hello comrades!
This time I learned to stats, databases and stuff like that.

So, I created a DoD:S Stats plugin :)

This plugin is using award system written by Misery's stats plugin

Original message:
A plugin young of statistics with as novelty a system of awards on the players. The principle is simple, the players who play many are rewarded by an awards of the army.
How work the awards ? And indeed, it is also simple. The player who kills a lot and who takes flags, has of maids luck(chance) to rise quickly, but the players who are not PGM is also rewarded if they take many of flags. This plugin is a good means of know the players who pull, because it rewards as well the average players as the big players.
Warning, by speaking about big players. There is a condition to be among the first ones of the classification. So well obviously it is necessary to kill a lot, it is also necessary to have a minimum of flag (that is 1 flag for 3 kills) to cross(spend) an award, here is the board below.
dodstats_announce "1" = Whether or not print player's information when connected ( points and grade )
dodstats_hidechat "0" = Whether or not hide chat triggers ( rank/stats/session/notify/top/topgrades/topgg )
dodstats_purge "0" = Number of days to delete inactive players from the database. Set to 0 to disable purge
dodstats_bonusround "1" = Whether or not enable stats during bonusround
dodstats_minplayers "4" = Minimum players required to record stats. Set to 0 to disable this feature

dodstats_start_points "1000" = Sets the starting points for a new player
dodstats_points_min "2" = Sets the minimum points to take on kill. Set 0 to disable kill points at all
dodstats_multipler_melee "2" = Sets the multipler for killing by melee weapons (such as knife, spade and punch)
dodstats_points_teamkill "8" = Amount of points to take on team kill (TNT kills will be ignored)
dodstats_points_suicide "5" = Amount of points to take on suicide
dodstats_points_capture "2" = Amount of points to give for capturing area
dodstats_points_block "2" = Amount of points to give for blocking capture
dodstats_points_explode "3" = Amount of points to give for exploding an objective
dodstats_points_plant "2" = Amount of points to give for planting a TNT
dodstats_points_defuse "2" = Amount of points to give for defusing a TNT
dodstats_points_headshot "1" = Amount of points to add for a headshot kill
dodstats_points_victory "1" = Amount of points to give to all members of team which has won the round

dodstats_gg_levelsteal "5" = Amount of points to give for stealing a level (Requires GG 4.2 and newer)
dodstats_gg_leveldown "5" = Amount of points to take on level lost (Requires GG 4.2 and newer)
dodstats_gg_victorypoints "10" = Amount of points to give to a GunGame winner (Requires GG 4.2 and newer)

Set to 0 to disable scoring for _action (but kills/deaths/captures etc still will be tracked)

Admin commands:
sm_resetstats = Reset all stats
sm_resetplayer "STEAM_ID" = Delete a player from the database

Client commands:
rank = Show rank in chat (position, points, points to next rank, kills, deaths)
stats = Display stats (grade, points, headshots, time played, objects captured/blocked, bombs planted/defused, kills, deaths KDR, TKs etc...)
session = Display session (points earned, kills, deaths, headshots, KDR)
top = Display top ten players, their points and KDR (sorted by points)
topgrades = Display top ten players, their awards & kills (sorted by kills)
topgg = Display top ten GunGame players, their rounds won and levels stolen (sorted by rounds won)
notify = Toggle stats notifications

Database settings:
You can use both database types (SQLite or MySQL). By default is SQLite. If you will not setup database config, all stats will be saved in sourcemod/data/sourcemod-local.sq3
Take a look at sourcemod/configs/example_database.cfg if you want to use separate db for stats.

-Plugin requires More Colors and Updater for compilation
-This plugin is fully supporting GunGame and DeathMatch, so you dont need to setup anything, plugin will do it automatically!
-In DeathMatch or GunGame award system is calculating by kills only.
-Stats is not immediately updating after every kill for obvious reasons, so dont afraid if top10 tables wont update
-Plugin is multilinguage!

Top grades
Top10 players by points
Session stats
Rank stats
Notify examples (with team-colored messages)

Servers with this plugin

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