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DoD Bleedings (by Root)

Change some dod:s features and give your server your "style"
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DoD Bleedings (by Root)

Post by vintage » Mon Jan 11, 2016 4:08 pm


By Root : Once some guy requested a proper 'bleed' plugin with more function. I totally forgot about that, and remembered it in half an hour ago lol.
This plugin makes player bleeding after taking X damage for Y health every Z seconds.
Fully compatible with realism physics (you just need to disable native bleeding from this plugin, that's all.)


dod_bleed_health - If mode is set to 0, start bleeding if player got less health, otherwise when player got damaged for more than this value. (Default: 30)
dod_bleed_mode - Determines a mode to start bleeding. 0 - if player is having less than X health. 1 - If player got damaged for more than X health
dod_bleed_delay - Delay between taking damage on bleed (in seconds). (Default:1.5 seconds)
dod_bleed_damage_head - Damage to take to a player which got hit in the head. (Default: 4 health)
dod_bleed_damage_chest - Damage to take to a player which got hit in a body. (Default: 3 health)
dod_bleed_damage_other - Default damage to take to a player while bleeding. (Default: 2 health)

Plugin generates config file (cfg/sourcemod/dod_bleed.cfg)
DoD Bleedings.zip
(9.1 KiB) Downloaded 186 times
DoD Bleedings.zip
(9.1 KiB) Downloaded 186 times
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