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DOD:S Realism Package (by Feuersturm, root, ...)

Change some dod:s features and give your server your "style"
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DOD:S Realism Package (by Feuersturm, root, ...)

Post by Ben » Tue Dec 01, 2015 8:36 pm

plugin description below is by root (author):

Not really a plugin, but may be very helpful for Realism Units.
Many realism community members asked me about some features, so I decided to release them in one package.

This is a package of supplemental plugins for Realism servers. Those tweaks the gameplay in many ways for a better flowing game.
This package is including:
  • Improved RealismMatch Helper plugin (fixed, modified and with new features).
  • DropManager (Realism edition, which includes options like dont remove weapons, ragdolls (corpses) - see screenshot).
  • Improved bleeding plugin, which is fully compatible with realism.
  • Player collision - Dont move through team mates.
  • Stamina health - Sets player's stamina reflect to multiplied player's health.
  • Zones plugin - Allows admins to setup zones on a map (useful to dont allow attackers to move outside a respawn until round is live).
  • Drop Armed Weapons - Allows player to drop deployed rocket launcher or MG when player got hit in the arm.
  • DetoNades - Detonates a grenade when it collides with a player like here.
  • Voice Communications - Forces players to use different voice commands eventually (Like "Fire in the Hole!"). Adds realism atmosphere a bit. :)
  • DoD RealismMatch Helper
    -Added Inactive config (when realism is not yet loaded).
    -Added Live config (when warmup is ended, round set to Live).
    -Added End config (when realism match ends).
    -Added AvA config (when both teams are attacking).
    -Added config when Allies or Axis are defeating (useful for zones setup).
    -Added ability to play AvA (when both team attacks) round as support classes only (can be set via dod_rmhelper_avaheaviesonly).
    -Added plugin options into admin menu (Init/Start/Cancel/Replay/Disqualify/Setup etc).
    -Improved 'black spec' option (no blackscreen anymore - spectators will be not allowed to spec at enemies at all).
    -Fixed many bugs and issues.
  • DoD:S DropManager
    -Added ability to dont remove weapons and corpses from a ground (dod_dropmanager_ragdoll_stay 1 ConVar).
    -Added shared ammo limits (when player cant equip more than X clips by picking up an ammo) - dod_dropammobox_cliplimit.
    -Added fully compatibility with RealismMatch Helper plugin.
  • Other plugins
    -Added ability to detect round state (init, pre-round, warmup, live, end, AvA) and accept appropriate settings.
RealismMatch configs can be found in dod/cfg/dod_realismmatch_helper folder, other (plugins) configs can be found in dod/cfg/sourcemod/
Actually this package is already set (from bleeding to zones). You just need to download realism physics plugin and equipment plugin as well to finish setting Realism server.
I'd recommend you to install everything correctly and just edit settings without removing them (at least RMH), because I adapted plugins to use with each other.
No other files are needed - only latest SourceMod and MetaMod:Source releases.

Special thanks to FeuerSturm, BenSib, Lebson506th, Psychocoder and other people for making DoD:S Realism gameplay possible :D

Have fun!
root (author)
everything inside
(307.95 KiB) Downloaded 452 times
everything inside
(307.95 KiB) Downloaded 452 times
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Re: DOD:S Realism Package (by Feuersturm, root, ...)

Post by Sebas » Mon Apr 10, 2017 6:24 am

Hi, i have a problem with dod_dropmanager.smx, everyday , i see a error log file with this:

L 04/07/2017 - 23:18:41: [SM] Exception reported: Entity -1 (-1) is invalid
L 04/07/2017 - 23:18:41: [SM] Blaming: dod_dropmanager.smx
L 04/07/2017 - 23:18:41: [SM] Call stack trace:
L 04/07/2017 - 23:18:41: [SM] [0] SetEntProp
L 04/07/2017 - 23:18:41: [SM] [1] Line 206, dropmanager/weapons.sp::SetPistolAmmo_Realism
L 04/07/2017 - 23:18:41: [SM] [2] Line 94, dropmanager/weapons.sp::OnPistolTouched

Can anybody help me please? Thanks
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