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DOD:S Anti-JumpShot (by Feuersturm)

Change some dod:s features and give your server your "style"
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DOD:S Anti-JumpShot (by Feuersturm)

Post by Ben » Tue Dec 01, 2015 9:03 pm

plugin description below is by Feuersturm (author):

Ever got pissed off by some guys that jump around corners and shoot you in the face?
Basically in DoD:S you can shoot again almost immediately after jumping, even if you
weapon is not visible again you can start shooting, to fix this little "problem" you
can use this plugin to add a little delay until people can shoot after jumping.

Note: You can still jump over obstacles and immediately shoot again if you just jump forward!


dod_antijumpshot <1/0> = enable/disable Anti-JumpShot
The default value is "0" (= plugin disabled), so be sure to add "dod_antijumpshot 1" to your server.cfg!

REQUIRES "SDK Hooks Extension"!!!!

(5.62 KiB) Downloaded 267 times
(5.62 KiB) Downloaded 267 times
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Re: DOD:S Anti-JumpShot (by Feuersturm)

Post by Glamorous » Fri Jan 12, 2018 11:12 am

Thank you! Great!
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