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DoD ModSwitcher (by Root)

Enjoy dod:s with other game types !
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DoD ModSwitcher (by Root)

Post by vintage » Mon Jan 11, 2016 4:32 pm

Mod Switcher

Long time ago I had a server, but I haven't enough money to run more than 1 server for custom gameplay mods (such as Hide & Seek or Zombie Mod).
I also had not experience to run those mods without problems and server crashes.
Nowadays server owners is won't to run more than 1 gameplay mod at a one server, so this plugin is especially for them.
I present my Mod Switcher - it allows server admins to set game mode 'on-the-fly' via admin menu or voting without any issues! :mrgreen:
The difference between default method of loading plugins and this plugin is: 1) efficiency 2) reliability and 3) user-friendly usage
This plugin is supporting most popular DoD:S gameplay plugins, such as GunGame, Hide & Seek, DeathMatch, Zombie Mod and Realism Match.
Feel free to request more gameplay plugins - I will add them to the supported list.
See Installing tutorial for more detalis.


dod_gamemode - Set the GameMode: 0 = Default, "g" = GunGame, "h" = Hide & Seek, "d" = DeathMatch, "z" = Zombie Mod, "r" = Realism Match
dod_gamemode_switch_action (1) - Determines an action when GameMode has changed: 0 = Restart round, 1 = Restart map*
dod_gamemode_vote_enable (1) - Whether or not enable GameMode voting
dod_gmvote_needed (0.60) - Ratio of all players on a server to enable RockTheGameMode
dod_gmvote_minplayers (0) - Number of minimum players needed to allow RockTheGameMode voting
dod_gmvote_initialdelay (60) - Time (in seconds) to wait before first and after next votings


SteamTools (optional, needed only if you will have problems with game description, such as 'DoD:S DeathMatch' or 'DoD:S ZombieMod' when no mod is running at the moment).

Note: Do not store dod_gamemode ConVar and its value in any config! Use admin menu only to switch modes.

*To properly load plugin hooks, map refresh is required for most of mods (for DeathMatch it's enough to restart the round, but ZombieMod is using different lightstyle for maps - so map refresh is necessary)

Note 2: This plugin is made for these game mods
To adapt your needs (by example other GunGame version), change in sp:
From line 42 to 49 to define the mods plugins
From line 55 to 62 to define the cfg to load
and recompile !
DoD ModSwitcher.zip
(22.86 KiB) Downloaded 253 times
DoD ModSwitcher.zip
(22.86 KiB) Downloaded 253 times
Right behind you ! ^^
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