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Gungame TeamDeathMatch (by Darkranger)

Enjoy dod:s with other game types !
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Gungame TeamDeathMatch (by Darkranger)

Post by vintage » Fri Dec 11, 2015 9:48 am

How to play Gungame TeamDeathMatch?

V 3.8

Its simply. Each player of a team got Points for his team when he is killing an enemy.
When you kill with the Spade you score more points for your Team. But if you do a Teamkill, you loose points then!
(Points are configurable with the plugin. So you can give as much you want.)

You can also enable Points for Flag captures. but this does not enable spaderound or Win. These 2 are only triggered through an enemy kill.

When a Team reaches an configurable amount of points, a Spaderound begins. So everybody have only the spade. :)

When you type "sc" or "!sc" in chat you see how much points you need for spaderound and for winning!
you see also the points you gain for a kill or spadekill and also points you lost for a Teamkill(only when FF is enabled on server).
The actual points of the round are always displayed "live" on the screen.
Have fun.

// Length of Bonusround
dods_tdm_gungame_bonustime "30"

// Points for capturing Flags
dods_tdm_gungame_capture_points "40"

// Enable(0)/disable(1) Control Point Icons, Flags and FlagSound
dods_tdm_gungame_cpdisable "1"

// Health on Spade Level
dods_tdm_gungame_health "110"

// How many frag grenades are allowed
dods_tdm_gungame_maxnades "10"

// Points to win the Round
dods_tdm_gungame_maxpoint "1500"

// Points for Kill
dods_tdm_gungame_point "10"

// Points lost for TeamKill
dods_tdm_gungame_points_teamkill "15"

// Points for Kill with Spade
dods_tdm_gungame_pointspadekill "20"

// Points when Teams got spades
dods_tdm_gungame_spademode "1200"

// Speed on spade Level
dods_tdm_gungame_speed "1.1"

// (1) Enable GameEnd / (0) Disable GameEnd (disables also length of bonusround. so there is no end of the map)
dods_tdm_gungame_gameend "1"

// Enable/disable autojoin class when selected a Team
dods_tdm_gungame_teamlock "1"

// Enable/disable removing func_team_walls during Game
dods_tdm_gungame_teamwallremove "1"

// Length of WarmUp Round in Seconds
dods_tdm_gungame_warmup "30"

// ServerCommand that will be executed 15 seconds after win
dods_tdm_gungame_wincommand "sm_mapvote"
original Gungame script by Tsunami
french translation from Vintage
reworked by darkranger
(383.2 KiB) Downloaded 233 times
(383.2 KiB) Downloaded 233 times
(16.13 KiB) Downloaded 228 times
(16.13 KiB) Downloaded 228 times
Need dodhook extension !!!
(6.61 KiB) Downloaded 225 times
Need dodhook extension !!!
(6.61 KiB) Downloaded 225 times
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