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Deleting Medium class out of DODbots (without dodhooks version)

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Re: Deleting Medium class out of DODbots (without dodhooks version)

Post by darkranger » Fri Mar 18, 2016 5:39 pm

I have this version running:
"rcbot_ver" = "TF2/HL2DM/DOD:S 1.00 META Win32 473 (BUILD Oct 26 2015-19:49:28)"
and this plugins:

Code: Select all

[SM] Listing 52 plugins:
  01 "[DoD TMS] Addon - AFK Manager" (1.2) by FeuerSturm
  02 "[DoD TMS] Addon - AutoTeamBalance" (1.2) by FeuerSturm
  03 "[DoD TMS] Addon - High Ping Kicker" (1.2) by FeuerSturm
  04 "Admin File Reader" (1.7.3-dev+5283) by AlliedModders LLC
  05 "Admin Help" (1.7.3-dev+5283) by AlliedModders LLC
  06 "Admin Menu" (1.7.3-dev+5283) by AlliedModders LLC
  07 "Anti-Flood" (1.7.3-dev+5283) by AlliedModders LLC
  08 "DoD:S Spade and Knife Models" (1.7) by Darkranger & Andersso
  09 "Basic Ban Commands" (1.7.3-dev+5283) by AlliedModders LLC
  10 "Basic Chat" (1.7.3-dev+5283) by AlliedModders LLC
  11 "Basic Comm Control" (1.7.3-dev+5283) by AlliedModders LLC
  12 "Basic Commands" (1.7.3-dev+5283) by AlliedModders LLC
  13 "Basic Info Triggers" (1.7.3-dev+5283) by AlliedModders LLC
  14 "Basic Votes" (1.7.3-dev+5283) by AlliedModders LLC
  15 "Chat Logger" (2.0) by McFlurry
  16 "Client Preferences" (1.7.3-dev+5283) by AlliedModders LLC
  17 "DoD:S Drop Random Pack Plugin" (1.9) by Darkranger
  18 "DoD Anti-Prone Source" (1.1 Slap) by FeuerSturm
  19 "DoD BasicGore" (1.1) by FeuerSturm
  20 "DoD FastRespawn Source" (1.0) by FeuerSturm
  21 "DOD:S Fireworks" (1.2) by Silent_Water
  22 "DoD:S GunGame" (6.1lightB Drone) by Darkranger (orig. by Tsunami), with help from friends of dodsplugins.com
  23 "DoD Medic with random Sound" (1.4) by Darkranger, original Script by Tsunami
  24 "Dod Models (darkranger Edition :) for gungame & Monster Models" (1.2) by orig. from Andi67, 95% modified from Darkranger
  25 "DoDs SpawnProtect Source for GunGame Colored Version" (1.6GG) by Darkranger
  26 "[DoD TMS] Base  - DoD TeamManager Source" (1.2) by FeuerSturm
  27 "Fun Commands" (1.7.3-dev+5283) by AlliedModders LLC
  28 "HLstatsX CE Ingame Plugin" (1.6.19) by psychonic
  29 "Nextmap" (1.7.3-dev+5283) by AlliedModders LLC
  30 "Player Commands" (1.7.3-dev+5283) by AlliedModders LLC
  31 "Quake Sounds" (2.7) by dalto, Grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr, and psychonic
  32 "SourceMod Anti-Cheat" ( by SMAC Development Team
  33 "SMAC Aimbot Detector" ( by SMAC Development Team
  34 "SMAC AutoTrigger Detector" ( by SMAC Development Team
  35 "SMAC Client Protection" ( by SMAC Development Team
  36 "SMAC Command Monitor" ( by SMAC Development Team
  37 "SMAC ConVar Checker" ( by SMAC Development Team
  38 "SMAC Rcon Locker" ( by SMAC Development Team
  39 "SMAC Anti-Speedhack" ( by SMAC Development Team
  40 "SM Parachute" (2.5s4e) by SWAT_88
  41 "Sound Commands" (1.7.3-dev+5283) by AlliedModders LLC
  42 "SuperLogs: DOD:S" (1.1.3) by psychonic
  43 "[UMC] Admin Menu" (3.4.5) by Steell
  44 "[UMC] Ultimate Mapchooser Core" (3.4.5) by Steell
  45 "[UMC] Echo Nextmap" (3.4.5) by Steell
  46 "[UMC] Map Commands" (3.4.5) by Steell
  47 "[UMC] Player Limits" (3.4.5) by Steell
  48 "[UMC] Random Cycle" (3.4.5) by Steell
  49 "[UMC] Rock The Vote" (3.4.5) by Steell
  50 "[UMC] Vote Command" (3.4.5) by Steell
  51 "[UMC] Random Nextmap Chooser" (0.1) by darkranger
  52 "VAC Status Checker" (1.4.3) by Stevo.TVR
maybe 3-4 crashes in a month. http://www.asmodis.at/hlstats/hlstats.p ... &game=dods
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Re: Deleting Medium class out of DODbots (without dodhooks version)

Post by daas » Fri Mar 18, 2016 6:49 pm

Oke i think i am running the same version as you do,

I see that you run SMAC also. The Exploit blocker plugin for Dods you dont have i see.

I will uninstall that plugin and will look if it chrashes not or less.

Must say i have witnesd only 1 chrash in the past 2 days or so. But still i want 0 Chrashes a month...

Do you know or think diffrent versions ar better from RCbots ? Or must i try it.
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Re: Deleting Medium class out of DODbots (without dodhooks version)

Post by darkranger » Fri Mar 18, 2016 8:32 pm

This is the best version for dods. I had more crashes with other versions!

zero crashes a month ... you are a dreamer :) :) :) :)
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